4 Essential Branding Strategies for Business Owners

Small business owners know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and build a successful and reputable business. Part of achieving this is branding your business. From voice to imaging to online presence, there are various components to creating a successful and consistent brand. In this article, we’re going to cover the four major strategies that business owners should address in order to best brand their business. As there are plenty of exposures and opportunities for loss, protect your business with a comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP).


Not everyone is a grammar wizard, and that’s okay. However, grammar and spelling mistakes on any form of communication – website, blogs, emails, etc. – are a poor reflection of your company. Never send out any form of professional communication without thorough proofreading and fact checking. Remember, every communication you make with the public is a direct insight into your attention to detail and how you present yourself. If you aren’t savvy with writing, hire someone who is.

Embody a persona.

It’s no coincidence that 82% of companies with better value propositions also use buyer personas – the semi-fictional “characters” that encompass the qualities of who you’re trying to reach. The needs, goals, and behavior of your potential customers dictate how you convey your product or service. Understanding those things helps you determine what kind of media your personas are consuming, what motivates them, and where they “live” online. You can see why having that information helps develop a compelling, effective brand – it helps you reach the right people.

Take the time to evaluate your targeted demographic and determine how you can attract them and engage with them.

Identity and voice.

What tone does your company use? What are its goals? What are its values? What does your company stand for? Answering these questions can help you determine what voice to use in your content. For example, are you a relaxed self-made entrepreneur that targets young professionals or are you aiming for a corporate and serious tone? This is all relative to your goal and specific business, so take the time to identify which would be the most appropriate to use.

Social media presence.

Going hand in hand with persona and voice, post consistent blogs and updates on your social medial channels. Find out which platforms your targeted demographic typically uses and create a consistent posting schedule. If you fail to do so, chances are, your followers will be less than impressed and less likely to engage.

This is your time to take control of your branding and make sure all aspects are carefully implemented. Remember, people buy from companies and brands they know and trust. Building your brand might take time and effort, but it will have a beneficial pay off.


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