All Hands on Deck: Improving Employee Involvement in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are becoming a more serious threat as access to information becomes more connected. In fact, bank cyber insurance to protect your assets. Bank cyber insurance is a good way to financially protect your company after the fallout of a data security threat. Also, make sure to have the latest updated tech software uploaded into your networks to keep data as secure as possible and constantly updated.

Next, it’s important to make sure that executives have all the latest updated information in front of them so they can stay in the know of threats and the technologies to protect against them. This will lead to employee awareness and keeping staff informed about what they are up against when it comes to keeping information safe.

Regular Training Programs

Banks can engage employee knowledge of cybersecurity by holding regular training sessions around data protection. Whether annually or quarterly, holding hands-on training programs can keep ideas fresh and keep the conversation going when it comes to how to navigate cybersecurity. Plus, with the ebb and flow of new and evolving risks, it’s good to stay ahead of the curve.

Be Transparent

The best way to uncover cyber threats is to shine a light on them. They’re real and they’re out there, looking to break through firewalls and mine sensitive information. Banks should be clear and upfront about the security procedures they are incorporating, and this can be done by giving groups like IT and HR ownership. Keeping communication open between leadership at the executive level and the leaders within departments will help to filter down to employees who need to know what the company is doing to keep information safe.

Make It Relevant

Training on cybersecurity can highlight just how relative threats are to everyone’s life. Through training, leadership can tie cyber threats to employees’ lives and make them relatable. Think about W2 fraud, tax fraud, the theft of sensitive financial files, etc. This will open up the floor for conversation and implore employees to not only ask questions, but take action in their daily operations when they see the sensitivity of cyber security.

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