Bankers and Workers’ Comp: Preventing Sitting Injuries

In a previous post, we explored some of the common Bankers Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims that banking professionals face as a result of sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time. Sitting for 8-10 hours per day has negative health effects on the body and can lead to extensive musculoskeletal issues, including back, wrist, and neck injuries. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the ways in which you can prevent these injuries from occurring in the workplace. Not only will this reduce the frequency and severity of claims, but your employees will be healthier and happier.

Get up.

Granted, bankers have a lot on their plate and have to tend to their customers, but whenever possible, get out of your seat and walk around. This could just be around the lobby or for a quick stroll outside. You can set timers on your screens to remind you to keep moving on your downtime. It doesn’t need to be an unrealistic goal, just enough walking to get the blood moving.


This next suggestion will sound a bit odd, but another way to help offset the negatives of sitting is by fidgeting. Yes, fidgeting. Jiggling your legs, pacing while you’re on a call, getting up and circling your desk while thinking through a problem – all of these behaviors help over time.

Switch to a standing desk.

This is much more difficult to pull off, but a standing desk prevents you from being sedentary throughout the work day. It’s all too common for workers in any profession to spend countless hours sitting down and staring at a screen, so these simple, yet mindful, considerations can help to prevent the musculoskeletal issues that are all too abundant.

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