Environmental Sustainability: Reducing Restroom Waste

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Any business owner knows that operation costs are a part of the bottom line, including salaries, utility costs, and even restroom supplies. However, in an effort to go green and reduce your environmental impact and liability, waste reduction is a critical component. We’ve covered the basics in our last post, now we’re going to dive deeper into how business owners can minimize their carbon footprint and reduce waste in their restrooms. The next key factor is to protect your operation with an Environmental Liability insurance policy.

Cut down on plastic.

So many soap bottles comes in plastic containers that go to waste. Rather than pay more for wasted products, try buying loose bars of soap that don’t require a casing, or buy one large container of soap and refill automatic dispensers as necessary to cut down on plastic requirements.

Buy in bulk.

According to Tree Hugger, it’s best to buy toilet paper (always made from 100% recycled, unbleached materials) from an office supply store such as Staples. It comes in a huge cardboard box, with each roll individually wrapped in paper, instead of non-recyclable plastic.

Clean regularly.

Prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing wasted energy means taking regular care of it. Regular maintenance of restrooms is required, regardless of industry. If you don’t have the time or resources to do this yourself, hire a company that can. Next, reduce the need for paper in your restroom by installing professional air hand dryers.


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