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In our last two posts, we explored the best branding strategies for small businesses, including how to improve your overall communication technique. In this next installment, we’re taking a closer look at how to develop a brand persona, and why it’s important for the growth and sustainability of your small business. Before diving into developing your operation, protect your business with a comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP).

What is a persona?

A brand persona is a collection of personality traits, attitudes, and values that your brand showcases on a regular basis to help connect with a certain audience segment. A brand persona can be a person, character, mascot or idea, says Weebly.

What’s a persona’s purpose?

The purpose is to draw in your intended customer base. Whatever persona should you use, such as a mascot, should be created after doing quantitative and qualitative research. In other words, it won’t do your brand any good to just pick a mascot out of the blue. Instead, think of a voice or mascot that will be relatable to your audience.

With a reputable voice and persona, it could make the difference between a customer choosing to visit a page, make a purchase, sign up for services, or looking elsewhere.

The 5 main types of personas.

Weebly shares five of the most common personas based on customer buying trends:

  • Caregiver: This nurturing persona is empathetic and kind.
  • Competent: This persona is an influential leader that can help users or sway them to act.
  • Excited: This spirited persona is happy to do just about anything and embarks on adventures with ease.
  • Rugged: This more muscular persona is athletic and tough.
  • Sophisticated: This persona exudes elegance, style, and prestige.

How to create a persona.

First, identify the traits and key points of your business that you want to highlight. These are critical to attracting and retaining customers, so focus on a select few that make your business stand out and figure out a way for your persona to convey this message.

Next, determine the personality you want your brand to have. This will vary depending on the product you sell or service you provide.

Finally, decide what type of persona you think would best represent your brand. Whether it’s a person, animal, or object, start practicing copy on how you think it would speak. Be sure to identify how the persona will engage with customers and how it will be represented.

Why should I create one?

This serves as the direct connection between your buyers and your business. While it’s not required, a persona can help to convey your business’ intent, speak to an audience, and attract more customers.

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