FGIB:Providing a Stockbrokers Blanket Bond

Stockbrokers, investment bankers, stock exchanges, securities firms and commodity brokers need to safeguard their assets and businesses from losses involving a wide range of criminal activities – everything from employee dishonesty to on-premises robbery. Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers (FGIB), with more than three decades of serving the financial industry, is well positioned to provide you with protection with a Stockbrokers Blanket Bond. We partner with leading insurers to offer you the peace of mind you want in the event of a loss.

What’s Covered

A Stockbrokers Blanket Bond, also known as Form 14, includes the following coverages:

  • Fidelity: Covers losses resulting directly from dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by an employee acting alone or in collusion with others.
  • On Premises: Covers loss of property resulting directly from robbery, burglary, misplacement, mysterious disappearance and damage. Also covers theft, false pretenses, common-law or statutory larceny, committed by a person physically present in an office or on the premises of the insured at the time the property is surrendered, while the property is lodged or deposited within offices or premises located anywhere, unless excluded. In addition, provides coverage for loss or damage to furnishings, fixtures, supplies or equipment due to specified perils, except loss or damage through fire.
  • In Transit: Covers loss of property resulting directly from robbery, common-law or statutory larceny, theft, misplacement, mysterious disappearance and damage, while the property is in transit.
  • Counterfeit Currency: Covers loss resulting from the receipt of counterfeit money of the United States, Canada or any other country in which the insured maintains a branch office.

Additional Options Available

We can also provide you with optional coverage to protect against losses directly from forgery or alteration of, on or in any instrument as specified in the policy. Additionally, we can add various coverage riders to protect against loss resulting directly from a fraudulent entry of electronic data or computer program, and loss of property surrendered as a result of a threat communicated to do bodily harm to a director, trustee, employee or partner of the insured or a relative of theirs who was, or allegedly was, kidnapped anywhere.