FGIB:Workers’ Compensation Solutions Designed for You

Businesses today are much more fluid and flexible, with many having employees working across state lines. At Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers (FGIB), we are licensed in the majority of states throughout the country, are well versed in each state’s Workers’ Compensation requirements and have policies that reflect today’s agile workforce.

Putting Workers’ Comp Coverage to Work

Our policies respond when your workers file a claim for job-related injury, illness or disability, and our insurer partners work with you and the claimant to process claims expeditiously. Our partners are also interested in helping your employees recuperate and return to work; therefore, they conduct active case management and promote return-to-work programs that include light-duty and temporary assignments that lift employee morale and mitigate lost-income costs.

The professionals at FGIB keep abreast of the latest regulatory actions from the states and the U.S. Department of Labor, including new regulations governing franchisees and franchisors and their impact on Workers’ Compensation and the effect of temporary workers and others on comp programs.

We also help you understand your experience modification factor, a calculation that serves as the basis for your premium. As your claims history and worksite safety record affect that calculation, we provide reviews to make sure the numbers are correct and offer advice on hazard abatement programs that can improve your experience modifier.