FGIB:Asset Protection for Lenders with Flexible REO Protection

Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers (FGIB) offers competitively priced, broad form Real Estate Owned (REO) Property coverage to lenders, servicers, trustees and investors to protect property in your portfolio. This includes owned properties, foreclosed properties, and properties in the process of foreclosure.

Our strong and long-term relationships with the nation’s leading insurance providers, our knowledge of these companies and their REO products along with our independence enables us to create the right REO insurance solution to meet your specific needs. Our goal is the same as yours: To protect the interests of your portfolio, while also reducing risks and increasing efficiencies in the management of REO insurance operations.

Benefits of Working with Us

With so many policy options from which to choose, determining the right REO insurance coverage for your loan portfolio can be a complicated and challenging endeavor. There are many policy options to choose from that impact not only the cost of the policies, but also the coverage that protects you from situations that can arise over the life of a loan. FGIB can find the right fit for your portfolio. The companies with which we partner offer:

  • A wide variety of limits, deductibles and coverage options
  • Coverage written on either a stated value or total insurable value basis
  • REO Property Insurance offers loss settlement options on either a replacement cost or actual cash value basis, with or without co-insurance penalties
  • Coverage written on annual or monthly terms with various billing options
  • A proprietary insurance tracking system that allows for easy management of REO properties