FGIB:Delivering Environmental Liability Insurance

Fuel spills, chemical leaks, noxious gases, contaminants and corrosives—the list of possible pollutants goes on for pages. So does the list of industries that have exposure to pollution liability risks. Segments include financial institutions, restaurants, beauty salons, drycleaners, pool companies, landscapers, contractors, marinas and boat dealers, as well as non-profits and condo associations, among many others. The cost of cleanup and restitution for property damage and bodily injury resulting from the release of pollutants can be very high. Unfortunately, pollution risks are usually excluded from a Commercial General Liability insurance policy, and Environmental Liability insurance should be purchased.

Covering Your Exposures

Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers (FGIB) works with several leading commercial pollution insurance specialists enabling us to find the right Environmental Liability policy for your needs based on your operation and the level of your risk. Environmental Liability insurance covers both sudden and gradual pollution incidents and can be applied to on-site and off-site events. If you need to include coverage for acquired properties or business interruption losses, those can be accommodated, and legal defense costs coverage may be available on a first-dollar basis. Some insurers also offer an option for extended reporting periods, or “long-tail” coverage. It all depends on the properties you own and the operations you conduct.

Whether it’s lead abatement, liquid waste remediation, wetlands damage, contamination of waterways or air ducts, or many other environmental liability risks, FGIB has a policy that will respond.