Successful Investment Bankers: Delegation & Taking Chances

In our last two posts, we talked about some of the habits that successful investment bankers possess, including being adaptable and intelligent. In this next installment, we’re going to dive deeper into some other characteristics that will only benefit you and your employees need in their journey of climbing the corporate ladder. Next, a Bankers Professional Liability (BPL) policy can provide the necessary coverage needed to protect your daily operations.


It’s impossible for any one investment banker to do everything by his or herself. The best leaders are not ones who do it all; they’re ones who manage their teams and delegate appropriately. The intense scrutiny and demands placed on these professionals requires an innate sensibility to accomplish everything in a given day. A high-stress environment is inevitable in investment banking, but failing to accomplish daily tasks isn’t an option: delegate to team members wherever possible.

Taking chances.

The ability to take chances and approach solutions from a different angle are characteristics that are valued in investment banking.

Investopedia states that, interestingly, with all the rigor and structure in investment banking, the ability to be creative and innovative is an extremely highly regarded skill. The top performing bankers are able to approach a task or provide a solution in a way that may be new, pioneering an avenue for products and services. There is an intangible characteristic that compels individuals to approach a situation from a different angle, and while this may be reinforced by academics, it is often instinctive.

Not only will this ensure your entire operation is effective, but it promotes resourceful thinking and ensures the execution of problem solving is completed quickly.

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