Top Traits for Hiring Finance Candidates

Filling banking and financial positions is a duty that is a necessity for all financial institutions. Naturally, you want to find the best candidates to provide quality service and protect your bottom line. However, hiring requires more than just picking a name out of a stack. Instead, vet your qualified candidates to determine if they possess the following traits to ensure you bring on the right person. Even more importantly, protect your operation and your practices with an Employment Practices Liability Insurance program.

Innate problem solver.

Ask specific questions that allow the candidate to explain their problem-solving skills and how they tackle issues. This isn’t always easy to determine right away, so be sure to request specific examples and give them scenarios for everyday issues that they would need to resolve.

Analytical skills.

The ability to demonstrate logical thinking in order to gather and analyze a variety of information is an absolute necessity in the finance field. Since analytical skills aren’t quite innate, being well-versed in analytical experiences ensures a solid foundation, states Ladders, a career advice resource.

Leadership capability.

There are seldom other qualities that represent a great candidate than exceptional leadership capabilities. Not only will they be self-motivated, but they will drive their teams forward and push them to excel. From communication to day-to-day task management, leadership is always the primary foundation. Look for candidates who have a history managing teams and have positive references.


Regardless of company culture or environment, professionalism should never waiver. Establishing rapport with a professional tone is a must for bankers to build trust. If the culture is more laid-back, then the candidate should be able to adapt without compromising on professionalism.

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