Cluing in Your Bankers to Robbery

Experiencing a robbery is any banker’s worst nightmare. A naturally traumatic event, these crimes should be prevented at all costs. However, what if your bank was to suffer a robbery? As we mentioned in a previous post, customer service can be a deterrent for these incidents, as well as focusing on your processes and the way you manage confidential information. In this article, we’re going to explore how your bankers can get through a robbery and how they can potentially prevent one. Before reading on, protect your bank with a Crime Insurance policy.

Cluing in your employees to what information they divulge to outsiders can be a crime deterrent. Specific information such as opening and closing practices, safe monitoring, security, and times when the bank is slowest can give an inside look at the bank that any customer wouldn’t know. As your bankers know the ins and outs of the bank, it’s wise to have them sign a nondisclosure agreement to keep these secrets under wraps.

However, in the event that your bankers do experience a robbery, here is how to cope.

  • Comply with demands, it’s not worth arguing with someone who has a weapon.
  • Stay as calm as possible, robberies are usually very quick.
  • Note any personal identifiable information of the robber(s) including hair, eye color, tattoos, scars, etc.
  • Trip a silent alarm and activate camera systems, if possible.
  • If possible note the direction of the robber(s), including a description of the vehicle used to escape. Do not pursue the robber, explains the American Bankers Association.
  • Lock up the bank as soon as possible after the assailants leave.

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