Customer Service: Preventing Theft and Robbery

Preventing theft and robbery at your bank is a top priority. While this threat might only happen once in a while, it can have potentially devastating effects on the financial institution, its employees, and its reputation. As we previously mentioned, customer service is a great deterrent for would-be thieves. As we explore how acknowledging and servicing your customers can prevent robbery, protect your operation with a Crime Insurance policy.

Customer service as a crime deterrent.

Robberies are a difficult heist to pull off. Thieves know they have a small window of opportunity to complete such an act, and are often nervous about the task. Acknowledging each customer, at least with a simple greeting, lets them know you are aware of their presence and that you’re keeping an eye on their whereabouts.

According to MultiBriefs, good customer service forces people to think twice before they decide to commit any kind of crime. A robber wants a situation that is fast, easy, and low risk. Being on the floor and effectively greeting a would-be robber makes it harder, slower and increases the risk of their apprehension.

Unlike shoplifting, robbers visit banks with one purpose. It’s uncommon for thieves to walk into banks and linger and refuse service like they could in a retail store. If your bankers have an intuition that something isn’t right, train them to follow their instincts. First, they should notify management that there is suspicious behavior. Next, the person in question should be approached politely and professionally to ask what he or she can be helped with.

These crimes are notably higher during holidays when the cash flow is higher than normal, and during lunch breaks when there is less coverage on the floor. Therefore, staggering lunch schedules and never leaving employees vulnerable is another step for preventing robbery. Plus, it makes servicing customers less stressful and provides another set of eyes to watch for suspicious behavior.

What behaviors should I look for?

Another component of customer service is being aware of your surroundings. Not only can flagged suspicious behavior protect your bottom line, it can also protect customers that are already in your bank. Watch out for the following red flags:

  • People watching your bank outside or pacing the grounds.
  • Cars left running in the parking lot, or parked backwards.
  • Attempts at disguising appearances.
  • Loitering.

Just like loitering and scoping out the bank, customers who ask about your opening and closing practices, how many people are kept on the floor, or other similar inquries should spark concern within your employees. If these types of behaviors are noticed, management should be alarmed and multiple employees should be alerted to give as much attention to the potential suspect as possible. Servicing your customers is one thing, but answering confidential or business-related questions is another.


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