Cyber-Breach Signs: Slow Network

Signs of a Cyber Breach > Unusual Network Connection

In a digital age where business owners of all types are all but reliant on the internet and data, this issue has shifted from a distant threat to an expected one. Without the right Cyber Liability Insurance program, your financial institution could suffer devastating losses. So, how do you know what to look for? We’ve already covered how to protect passwords from being hacked and how to identify suspicious emails, and now it’s time to know the signs of a hack based on a slow network and other tell-tale signs.

Sign #1: Your computer is unusually slow.

This could indicate that your computer is sending out a lot of signals or is infected with malware or a virus. If your computer is acting up for longer than a typical freeze, it could be a sign it’s suffered a breach.

Sign #2: Redirections and pop-ups while browsing.

If a user is surfing the web and they continue to be redirected to other sites, they get intrusive pop-ups even with a pop-up blocker on, or they see search results with a lot of advertising, it’s a sign that the machine either has malware on it, or is attempting to get you to slip up and grant a hacker access, says Jeremy Brant, vice president of information technology at Florida Capital Bank, to Business News Daily.

Sign #3: Locked accounts.

If you receive a lock-out message from your typical logins on the first try, especially if you know you’ve typed in the correct information, it’s a sign you’ve been breached. Either someone is attempting to hack the account or the password has already been changed. Bear in mind that while these threats might seem harmless or simply irritating, they can indicate something much more sinister.


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