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In our last two posts, we explored some of the ways that bankers and other professionals who spend their majority of their day sitting down can prevent head, neck, back and wrist injuries over time. Over-extension of muscles, repeated motions, and staring at computer screens for hours on end has negative effects on the body and can lead to costly Bankers Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims for business operators. We’ve covered how getting up and moving around is a way to mitigate these risks, now it’s time to explore fidgeting. While it might be perceived as annoying to some coworkers, a recent study has discovered that doing so can improve your health.

According to Daily Mail, Scientists at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, monitored the duration and intensity of light physical activity in 43 men and 92 women who were inactive and obese. The volunteers wore an accelerometer on their right hip for a week to measure how much they moved. The researchers also tested their cardio-respiratory fitness levels.

Overall, the study indicated that even slight physical activity, or “incidental physical activity,” such as making yourself a cup of coffee, jiggling your legs, or walking over to talk to a coworker rather than sending them an email can have positive effects on the overall health of a person.

The study’s leader, Ashlee McGuire, explained, “It’s encouraging to know that if we just increase our incidental activity slightly – a little bit more work around the house, or walking down the hall to speak with a co-worker as opposed to sending an email – we can really benefit our health in the long-term.”

“Best of all, these activities don’t take up a lot of time, they’re not difficult to do, and you don’t have to go to a gym,” she added.

Trivial movement might seem as only that – trivial. However, over time, your employees can burn more calories, allow their bodies to get rest from their repetitive motions they do, and improve their overall health. Healthier employees equates to less claims for the business owner, so fidgeting can be a win-win.

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