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The final installment of our article series on branding strategies is going to cover how to implement a social media presence that coincides with your brand. We’ve already covered the other three major factors for branding, including improving communication, creating a persona, and embodying a voice. As we wrap up this series, ensure you heed the following advice to use in 2018 and continue to secure your business with a comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP).

Identify voice.

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog, identifying a brand voice is the first step to ensuring consistency on your social media channels.

According to Sprout Social, brand voice is your compilation of words, terms, attitudes, and expressions that flow across all channels with the purpose to inspire and engage a connection with your brand. This tone in language is used to attract consumers’ attention, but also be a recognized voice in any form of communication from the brand. In a nutshell, your brand voice depicts how consumers see you–it’s your identity. For example, some brands are known for their relaxed or goofy identity, while others want to portray a complete professionalism.

Be consistent.

Every time you post something on social media, you’re communicating with your followers on behalf of your brand. Keep the same tone, voice, and theme on your postings to ensure consistency throughout. If you vary these things, your customers might become confused on what you’re trying to portray. Or, worse, you’ll end up annoying or confusing your customers.


This is an ongoing strategy, so start by practicing ideas for your social media presence with the following tactics.

Storyboarding– Identify who you want to be, what you’re aiming for, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you stand for.

Create a customer service plan– This is arguably the most important strategy since it’s going to relate directly to your customers. If someone is unhappy with your product or service, do you know how to handle it? You can start by responding to customers in a way that betters your reputation and builds your brand in a positive way. If someone posts something negative on your social media channel, don’t ignore it. Address it.

Listen to your customers.

According to an Oracle report, 43% of social media users only interact with brands to get a direct response to a question or issue. While monitoring all of these conversations might seem like too much work, there are third-party tools to help your efforts.

Build trust with your customers by responding to their queries and their concerns. After all, they’re the reason you’re in business, so listen to what they’re saying.

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